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Known as The Pearl of the Sunshine Coast, Powell River is located 135 km (88 miles) north of Vancouver at the top of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. With pristine coastline and surrounded by snow-capped mountains and many beautiful lakes, this community is rich in outdoor recreational possibilities.  Powell River boasts a very active community. Rub shoulders with world-class musicians and singers from all over the world. Take in a hockey game with the Powell River Kings Junior A Hockey team or play a round of golf at the professionally-designed Myrtle Point Golf course. Come and discover one of Canada’s best kept secrets – our safe little corner of paradise tends to temp visitors into staying a lifetime.

Timberlane Estates is located on the edge the Powell River Town Site which was designated a National Historic district of Canada in 1995. There are only 7 such districts in all of Canada and this is the only one in Western Canada. Our vision for this neighbourhood is to incorporate the Arts and Craft and Craftsman-style architecture used in the original Townsite home designs. Timberlane Estates, also, fits the criteria of a Garden Community surrounded by green belts and parks with tree-lined streets and public gardens.

Imagine yourself sitting on the deck of your new home enjoying the unobstructed, panoramic view of the Strait of Georgia and Vancouver Island. This neighbourhood is surrounded on three sides by Powell River’s only high school, a new track and field sports facility and Henderson Elementary School. It is located close to nature, with many woodland walking paths as well as access to nearby Willington Beach Trail. Timberlane Estates is within walking distance of the sea shore, Powell Lake and Valentine Mountain. Less than a ten minute drive will bring you to the Powell River General Hospital, Powell River Recreation Complex and the shopping district in Westview.

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